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Natural Medicine is the Best Medicine: Give the gift of good health...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Give the gift of good health...

'Tis the Season!

'Tis the season of giving, sharing, loving and being mindful of others less fortunate than ourselves.  Unfortunately it also is the season of overconsumption (of both the digestive and financial variety).  'Tis the season where our waistlines and pocketbooks feel the stretch, our poor adrenal glands go into crisis-mode, and many of us get lost in the tide, forgetting the deeper spiritual implications of the holidays. 

So, I'm sending you (my readers) a challenge: spread health instead of just wealth!  This year, consider giving the gift of good health for Christmas or Hanukkah.  I've compiled a mini-list of gift ideas that promote health, play, and well-being. 

1. A Tea ball and Thermos.  Prepackaged teas in disposable bags are neither economical nor ecologically friendly. Buying bulk teas can save a lot of money, and are typically fresher and higher quality than the pre-packaged kinds.  A thermos is a great way to keep a whole batch of tea with you (or your loved one) all day long.  For a special gift, give a batch of "homemade" mixed tea; Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Peppermint (equal parts of each) is my favorite relaxing herbal blend. 

2. Give a massage!  Everyone loves the gift of touch... give your loved ones and best friends a special treat - in a gift basket or bag combine a Massage tool, some Massage lotion or oil and a handmade certificate for a massage, back-rub, or foot-rub.  Consider adding a book on reflexology so your gift-recipient can pass along the health benefits. 

3. Give a local or healing foods basketLocal wild honey is delicious and extremely healthful, a perfect substitute for sugar.  Make garlic or herb-infused olive oil for your culinary-minded friends.  Or, pick up some local organic produce at your nearest health-food store or farmer's market.  Include fruits and veggies in a basket with some toasted nuts (cinnamon-roasted almonds or spicy pecans).

4. Give kids toys that support health.  Children's toys are notorious for containing harmful chemicals, including lead, BPA and phthalates.  These chemicals can lead to nervous system and endocrine dysfunction.  When looking for children's toys, check for the Made in USA label, and make sure any plastic products are labeled BPA-free.  I really like Green Toys products which are made with BPA-free, recycled plastic (all USA-made!).  These toys also support imaginative play, an essential part of childhood development.  My favorites: Green Toys jump rope (for less than $10!), and their stacking cups, which teach math in addition to eye-hand coordination. 

5. Give.  Give your time, money or other resources to those who need it most.  There is no greater gift to yourself than the healing that giving to others brings.  Though we do not all have the resources to give large sums of money, we can all give a smile, a prayer, or a helping hand to those in need. 

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