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Natural Medicine is the Best Medicine: Shifting gears...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shifting gears...

I'm going to take a bit of a break from the headier naturopathic philosophy for a few months.  Those posts take a lot of energy to write because I like to put quite a bit of thought into them - especially because what I write seems to affect the way people view naturopathic medicine as a whole (that's a big responsibility!).

I would love to get feedback from you, my lovely readers, about what you would like to hear next.  At this point, though I am just a handful of credits away from graduation, I am still considered a naturopathic medical student, so no requests for medical advice please (they can kick me out of school for that).  Writing about herbs, general nutrition, recipes, naturopathic modalities (like counseling or manipulation), or medical conditions (with no health advice) are still fair game.  I also have plenty of patient stories (no, I won't name them by their real name), personal stories, and random/fun experiences with naturopathic medicine.  You may even twist my arm into writing about myself (gasp!) if you ask nicely...

So what'll it be? You name it, I'll think about it/research it and write it.

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